Meta-Switch Curb Slimming Bar - Gluten Free

When you are trying to lose weight and get healthy, it is important to have healthy, effective, convenient snacks to curb unwanted cravings while still meeting your nutritional needs. Curb Slimming Bars are just that kind of snack. They aid in weight loss by supporting the body's metabolism and gastrointestinal system by acting as a pre-biotic, anti-inflammatory, and cleanser.

The Curb Slimming Bar mimics nature's mix of soluble to insoluble fiber, and helps promote regularity and digestive health, as well as supporting healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, which slows digestion and gives feelings of "fullness" to aid in diet control and weight loss.

The Need for Fiber

Fiber is a necessary component of healthy weight loss, as well as essential to daily diet. However, it can be hard to make sure you are getting the right kind of fiber in the right amounts. For adults, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends 25 grams of fiber each day for women and 38 grams each day for men.

There are two types of fiber, both of which are important to health and well-being: soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is like a sponge. It absorbs water, as well as slowing down the digestion rate. Insoluble fiber is like a broom. It quickly moves through your system to help clean your intestines, helping to prevent constipation. These two types of fiber work together to help keep your body healthy.

Despite the importance of fiber, it can be difficult to get the recommended daily amount in a normal diet. Time, cost, and availability can limit your access to the fruits and vegetables that offer the fiber you need, and if you are able to get the recommended amount of fiber in your diet naturally, you may find yourself consuming a lot of extra calories and sugar.

Unfortunately, most fiber products available do not have the correctly balanced ratio of the two types of fiber, or they are comprised of only soluble fiber. In addition, they are often high in sugar or very low in taste.

Curb Slimming Bar is Optimal Fiber

The Curb Slimming Bar is the world's first fiber bar that mimics nature by providing the ideal ratio of both kinds of fiber to curb cravings and reduce appetite. Unlike other supplements, Curb's combination of fiber reduces bloating that can occur. You feel fuller longer, cravings are satisfied, and the bars are a healthy alternative to snack foods with a much lower calorie count.

The bars can be eaten on their own, but they are designed to be an integral part of Max International's Meta-Switch Weight Loss System. Eating the bars as a snack alternative and taking the Switch Metabolic Enhancer capsules thirty minutes before meals encourages a healthy metabolism and promotes feelings of fullness to reduce food cravings.

Meta-Switch Curb Ingredients

The Curb Slimming Bar uses all-natural ingredients to provide the optimal level of fibers with the fewest possible calories. No artificial flavors or preservatives are included.

Bar ingredients include: corn bran, inulin, glucose, rolled oat, water, dried cranberry (cranberry, apple juice concentrate), yellow split peas, flax seed, evaporated cane juice (evaporated cane juice, water), date paste, dried blueberry (blueberry, apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil), desiccated coconut, sunflower seed, rice dextrin, grape juice concentrate, chia, sunflower oil, natural flavor, pectin.

All bars are dairy free, gluten free, soy free and peanut free. The bars are handled in a facility that handles egg products, so bars may contain eggs.

When you are trying to lose weight, it is important to make sure you are getting the right nutrients while changing your habits to be healthy. Having healthy, effective snacks is one way to help ensure you can achieve your weight loss goals, and Curb Slimming Bars can be the answer to that snack. In addition to curbing cravings and reducing your appetite, the bars support regularity and digestive health. They promote healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, support the body's metabolism, and act as a prebiotic to help keep the body healthy.

Losing weight and being healthy don't have to be separate goals. With the Curb Slimming Bar, you can achieve your weight loss goals and keep your body healthy with the help of fiber. All this from a delicious snack bar!


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