Exclusive Skin Care Technology

Max International's breakthrough Skin Care system "Visible Solutions" includes a unique Amino-Nutrient Complex™. This advanced blend of ingredients helps to optimize collagen, raise hydration levels, improve elasticity and minimize the harmful effects of free radicals on your skin.

Max International Co-Founder Steve Scott worked with skincare specialists and scientists for more than three years to develop the proprietary anti-aging formula made from the best ingredients. It contain no surfactants, sulfates, artificial colours or fragrance.

Just like all other Max International products, there's simply nothing quite like Visible Solutions available anywhere else.

The incredible skin softening quality of Visible Solutions comes for the natural hydrating properties found in the aloe vera plant. As well as being a great natural moisturizer, aloe vera is also well known for its ability to repair damaged skin, promote the growth of new cells, and reduce scarring. Along with a blend of vitamins and amino acids, aloe vera serves as a base for many of the products in the Visible Solutions line. This combination is so effective because of the ability of aloe vera to be absorbed deep into your skin. Combined with this amazing plant, the other skin nourishing ingredients are able to deliver fast and dramatic results by helping nutrients be absorbed below the surface of your skin.

Now it is possible to dramatically reduce the look of wrinkles as well as protect your skin against the damaging forces of sun, wind and pollution. These factors along with diet and and even emotions can lead to wrinkled skin that appears dull or tired. Visible Solutions features a powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralize the effects of these constant skin hazards. Antioxidants fight off free radicals that, through DNA alteration, can lead to physical signs of aging as well as a weakened immune system.

Max International’s Visible Solutions skin care line includes five products that are applied in the mornings and evenings after washing and drying your face.

One Minute Wonder exfoliates dead skin cells and prepares your skin to absorb all of the benefits from the rest of the products. For smooth and youthful skin, apply the gel to dry skin and allow it to sit for approximately sixty seconds. Gently massage the gel into your skin and rinse with warm water. After exfoliating, gently massage the Youth Recovery Serum into your face and neck to uncover firmer, more refreshed looking skin. Next is the Eye Rescue Cream, which is made to target fine lines and dark circles that begin to appear around your eyes as you age. This light-weight eye cream is gentle enough for especially delicate areas of your skin and can even be used on your lips. Finish up your skincare routine with the Skin Brightening Mousse and Replenishing Cream. The luxurious mousse contains alpha hydroxy acids that help to even out your skin tone and diminish the size of your pores while the replenishing cream helps to keep your skin looking firm while adding even more moisture.

Many people are now enjoying the benefits of Visible Solutions and the before and after pictures speak for themselves! After only thirty days of following the Visible Solutions skin care regimen, you will see a dramatic improvement in the evenness of skin tone and texture as well as a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. This exclusive blend of ingredients available as a ninety-day supply of all five products and is backed by both independent and clinical studies.


Max International Australia

Visible Solutions Advanced Skin Care from Max International

Visible Solutions is a product line that can give you instant as well as long term results for smoother, softer and more glowing, youthful skin. Can you imagine feeling the improvement within sixty seconds of using this product?

Stress can take a toll on skin through weather, toxins, health and pollutants in the air. Millions of dollars are spent every year to find the one skin care product that will help to maintain overall health of our biggest organ, the skin.

Max International designed a skin care system with a technology that will give instant results as well as long term anti-aging maintenance when you continue to use this product. After one application you will notice a difference since within sixty seconds there will be an immediate feeling of cleaner, more hydrated skin.

Let's take a look at each product in the Visible Solutions line of Advanced Skin Care.

The first product is called One Minute Wonder. This is a gel exfoliator that isn't rough and gritty or can cause damage to the skin like so many others. Apply to the face and don't rub it in, only move it around on the skin. You'll notice it doesn't feel rough.

As you let it sit there for about 45 seconds, the formula works like a vacuum, bringing up all the dead cells and dirt left in the pores. Even though you already washed your face, it's surprising what's left behind.

After a few seconds, the formula will begin to get a bit watery as it works with the alkaline in your own body to pull up the dirt trapped in the pores. You'll notice it works when you rub in circles and it starts to ball up. That's the result of dead cells and dirt left on the skin. It will surprise and shock you to discover how much is left behind, even after washing the face.

With this product, the skin will feel hydrated, not dry like so many other exfoliates on the market. One Minute Wonder uses aloe instead of mineral water, plus an exclusive product only found in Max International products.

The next step is Youth Recovery Serum, which helps to revitalize the skin. This product takes the nutrients directly to the cells, increasing the production of collagen, which helps to plump up and make the skin look fresh and firm.

It also helps to increase elastin, firming up the area so your skin feels tight, not sagging. The more you firm the elasticity of the skin, the less wrinkles arise. Using this product at least twice a week or more will make a difference.

A clinical study had an amazing result when Youth Recovery Serum was used in a thirty day trial. They noticed a 44% reduction in wrinkles and the skin was softer with less fine lines. Other skin care companies will tell you to see results in six months or longer, unlike the thirty days it took with this product.

Eye Rescue hydrates under the eyes as well as the lip area. The signs of aging appear first in these two areas. Patting the formula around these two sensitive places will help to soften and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. They are two of the toughest places to change once lines and wrinkles appear, but you'll notice the difference when you use the Eye Rescue formula.

The eyes and mouth area seem to age the fastest out of any part of the face, so using a product that will help to hydrate will keep lines and wrinkles to a minimum.

You will also notice as you look at the ingredients on all of the products, Aloe tops the list. Max International has an exclusive, patent product no other company can claim.

Moisturizing and hydration is at the top of the list in keeping skin healthy. Skin Brightening Mousse is not dry, heavy or greasy as you rub it on with an upward motion on the face and neck. It doesn't require the constant re-application with some products that are mostly water.

With a slow release technology, there won't be any redness or irritation that some moisturizers cause because it let's the skin get used to the product as it releases throughout the day. People with sensitive skin will love this product!

The Skin Brightening Mousse will lighten and brighten the skin. With a special formula of alpha-hydroxy, it will brighten age spots or any other discolorations and continue to do so as you continue to use every day.

Replenishing Cream is a formula to moisturize during the night time. It acts like a deep conditioning replenishing treatment to put back the nutrients needed for the skin. Exposure to elements all day long depletes our skin and by using the Replenishing Cream at night you'll wake up with hydrated, glowing skin that's healthy and bright.

These Skin Care products are being used by many happy customers. Tina Markham has an interesting testimony because she had a women's clothing store with high end products, along with skin care items she thought were the best. She was asked to test Visible Solutions and hesitated at first because she was very happy with the products she had.

Needless to say, she was so impressed with the results, she is now a Max International associate.

Tonya, a nail salon owner, who is now a customer, says Visible Solution is like an addiction. It far surpasses any product she has ever used and says the hydration reminds her of an aloe vera plant when holding it open, you can feel the silky part of it come out.

Even independent user group studies claim excellent results using Visible Solutions. 81% saw a reduction in discoloration, while 94% saw an improvement in the texture of their skin. One hundred percent of the user group felt an improvement of hydration and said the skin was more radiant after trying this product.

There have also been some independent clinical studies with good results. After four weeks, the studies have shown there was an 11.7% increase in elasticity, and after only fifteen days, a 128% in collagen I. The clinical testing also found after fifteen days a 31% in elastin improvement.

Julie Clinton hosts women's conferences all over the United States. Skin care is so important to her because she is in front of hundreds of women daily. She tried very expensive products many times and after testing Visible Solutions found her skin feels more hydrated, her pores shrank and her skin feels gentle and soft.

She says right away she noticed a major difference in her skin. She uses skin products on a regular basis so she knew immediately that the product worked to the depths and is amazed at how well it kept her face smooth and feeling silky.

The One Minute Wonder impressed Julie because she says there's nothing like it anywhere and she's bought a lot of products, even paying a hundred fifty dollars for a bottle of skin care before. She says it's so gentle and yet the results are amazing. She recommends Visible Solutions to women all across America.

Visible Solutions Advanced Skin Care line's results have been well received not only here in the United States but around the world in far-off places such as Australia and the Philippines.

Advanced Skincare Products now available in Australia and Malaysia

Max International co-founder Steven K Scott has been working on the development of Visible Solutions Skincare products for more than 3 years. Steve has worked closely with top scientists and skin care experts to ensure that each component of the system has a proprietary anti-aging formula, thereby making these products unique. One Minute Wonder continues the Max International tradition of breakthrough products, there's simply no other skin care products like Visible Solutions in the market place.

Max International officially launched Visible Solutions Skin Care products in Sydney, Australia in February 2011. Max 'A' Team is a support group for Independent Associates based in the United States of America and other countries wherever Max International products are offered for sale. We'll help you get started in your Max International business, it doesn't matter where you live in Australia - Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Sydney or Singapore we are just a phone call away.

One Minute Wonder Visible Solutions

One Minute Wonder is a gentle exfoliator from Max International that delivers results you can see (i.e. brighter and smoother skin) in just one minute! Advanced anti-aging skin care for baby boomers uses Max International’s unique Amino-Nutrient Complex to create silky-smooth skin. Visible Solutions rehydrates the skin via its refreshing gel and Aloe Vera base.

The Visible Solutions Skin Care System is unlike most other products it is based upon a unique anti-aging formula that employs medical grade Aloe Vera.

What's even more exciting is that Max International are expanding their operations in the South East Asian region. Max Health & Wellnes products have been available in The Philippines for some time. The Skin Care products Visible Solutions, from Max International are now available in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

Max Visible Solutions - Advanced Skin Care Products

Visible Solutions is an amazing new range of Skin Care products just announced by Max International Australia. By applying their anti-aging expertise to skincare Max International are now offering baby boomers a chance to not only feel so much better inside but also look younger.